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癌症是一种体质性疾病 Warburg was Correct, Cancer is a Metabolic Disease

乔治亚大学 低氧水平可促进肿瘤的生长 Georgia University: Low oxygen levels could drive cancer growth, research suggests

抗癌策略 氧气和癌症 细胞缺氧会导致癌症 Oxygen and Cancer Oxygen Low Level of Oxygen Can Breed Cancer

哈佛大学,霍金斯大学和加州大学研究:缺氧加速肿瘤生长和扩散 Oxygen deprivation can propel tumor growth and spread

单线态氧的抗肿瘤作用 The Antitumor Effects of Singlet Oxygen

Taming Tumor Glycolysis and Potential Implications for Immunotherapy

马克 普朗克心肺研究院 肿瘤细胞通过死亡受体6诱导内皮细胞坏死促进转移 Tumor-cell-induced endothelial cell necroptosis via death receoptor 6 promote metastasis内皮细胞坏死促

Fred Hutchinson癌症研究中心/华盛顿大学: 癌症转移的科学 The Sciences of Cancer Spread

国家癌症中心和耶鲁大学 发现肿瘤细胞成群结队聚集转移 Targeting clusters of circulating tumor cells to suppress metastasis

为什么癌症有酸性的微环境 Why does cancer have an acidic microenvironment?

VIB生命科学研究院:肿瘤氧供应正常化可能是对抗癌症的关键因素 Normalizing tumor oxygen supply could be key factor in the fight against cancer

用于选择性癌细胞根除的过氧化氢酶调节的非均相芬顿反应 Catalase-Modulated heterogeneous Fenton Reaction for selective cancer cells eradication

德克萨斯大学 利用紫外线杀死老鼠体内的癌细胞 Researchers use UV light to kill cancer cells in mice

英国纽卡尔斯大学 紫外光被用来摧毁肿瘤 Cancer breakthrough as ultraviolet light is used to destroy tumors

英国EAST ANGLIA大学 骨髓微环境是产生白血病的最重要因素 The Bone Marrow Microenvironment-Home of The Leukemic Blast

日本广岛大学 毒素和缺氧是多发性骨髓瘤的重要因素 Myeloma cells are activated in hypoxic bone marrow microenvironment

瑞典Karolinska 学院 含糖饮料增加患胰腺癌的风险91% Soft drinks increase risk of pancreatic cancer 91%

伦敦大学癌症转移的原因 科学家发现免疫细胞和癌细胞互相追随 Why cancer spreads: scientists discover healthy cells follow diseases one around the body

伦敦癌症研究所 追踪肿瘤从起源到扩散过程的时间线 Timeline of a cancer tracks tumors from origin to spread

加州大学圣地亚哥分校-再造巨噬细胞吃掉癌细胞 University of California, San Diego: Re-engineered Macrophages to Eat Cancer

爱因斯坦医学院 一项新的研究表明 化疗可能使肿瘤扩散 Chemotherapy could allow cancer to spread and trigger more aggressive tumors

清华大学和德雷塞尔大学联合研发 3D打印的肿瘤模型可以帮助医生开发更有效的癌症治疗方法 The 3D-printed TUMORS that could help doctors develop more effective cancer treatments 

癌细胞的重要特征:有氧糖酵解 Aerobic Glycolysis: Beyond Proliferation

癌症独特的代谢特征有氧糖酵解成为癌症靶向治疗的目标 Aerobic Glycolysis allow it as the target of targeted therapy

利用酸性肿瘤微环境开发新型肿瘤纳米诊疗技术 Exploiting acidic tumor microenvironment for development of novel cancer nano-theranostics

肿瘤微环境的酸性是一种可以通过质子泵抑制剂克服的免疫逃逸机制 The acidity of the tumor microenvironment is a mechanism of immune escape that can be overcome by proton pump inhibitors

一个犹太人一个元首和癌症突破: 奥托.沃尔伯,希特勒给世界的礼物 A Jew A Fuhrer and a Cancer Breakthrough Otto Warburg, Hilter's Gift to the World

缺氧使癌细胞逃过免疫细胞的识别和攻击:一氧化氮的作用Hypoxia Induces Escape from Innate Immunity in Cancer Cells via Increased Expression of ADAM10: Role of Nitric Oxide

提高细胞内氧气浓度是阻断癌症发展的关键 Increasing intracellular oxygen level is the key to stop cancer development

奥拓瓦伯格发现了癌症的原因 巴德维发现了治愈癌症的营养疗法 Otto Warburg found the Cause of Cancer, Budwig Found the Cure for Cancer

硝酸甘油显示治愈前列腺癌的潜力 Using Nitroglycerin To Treat Prostate cancer shows potential to halt disease

癌细胞如何战胜缺氧的新发现 New clue to how cancer cells beat oxygen starvation

图示肿瘤的种子-肿瘤干细胞的特征 Features of Cancer Stem Cells

缺氧-腺苷免疫抑制 调节T细胞和肿瘤组织缺氧产生的肿瘤保护 Tumor protection by T regulatory cells and cancerous tissue hypoxia

肿瘤产生的乳酸保护自己 抑制免疫细胞 Tumor-ProducedLactic Acid Protect Itself while inhibitting Immune Cells

癌症的原因:癌细胞的糖发酵代替正常细胞的氧呼吸 The Causes of Cancer: Respiration of Oxygen in Normal Body Cells vs Fermentation of Sugar in Cancer Cells by Otto Warburg

慢性炎症是解开癌症之谜的关键吗 Is Chronic Inflammation the Key to Unlock the Mysteries of Cancer?

肿瘤 是不愈合的伤口? Tumors:Wounds That Do Not Heal

癌症是不能愈合的伤口 肾再生/修复 和肾细胞癌的异同

为什么要同时治疗肿瘤和肿瘤的微环境 肿瘤微环境系列1

了解肿瘤的根 肿瘤的血管生成 肿瘤微环境系列 2

炎症是肿瘤发展的“燃料”(肿瘤微环境系列 3)

我要获得自由——肿瘤微环境和转移 肿瘤微环境系列 4

建立一个新的家园——癌细胞如何扩散到新的器官 肿瘤微环境系列 5

一种癌症疫苗治愈了小鼠97%的肿瘤 对人类意味着什么


分子碘如何攻击乳腺癌 How Iodine Attacks Breast Cancer

碘在癌症预防和治疗中的作用 Iodine and Cancer

辅酶Q10的抗癌机理 恢复癌细胞自杀的能力 How CoQ10 Kills Cancer? Restore Cancer Cells' ability to Kill itself

低辅酶Q10水平者黑素瘤转移风险增加790% Low CoQ10 Levels Associated with 790% Increased Risk of Melanoma Metastasis

迈亚密大学:辅酶Q10诱导癌细胞自杀 CoQ10 A Gentle Cancer Killer

辅酶Q10 的故事,不仅保护心脏,还可以抗癌 The Story of CoQ10, not only Protect the Heart but Also Fight against Cancer

山东大学用纳米光敏剂加近红外线照射结合的光动力疗法成功清除肿瘤体 A Near-Infrared triggered nanophotosensitizer inducing Domino Effect on mitochondrial ROS Burst for Cancer Therapy

用热疗快速杀死癌细胞减轻疼痛 Killing Cancer Cells & Diminishing Pain Quickly with Heat

热疗可以诱导癌细胞自杀 Hyperthermia Can Induce Cancer Cells Suicide by increasing intracellular Calcium Concentration

热疗诱导骨肉瘤细胞死亡 Hyperthermia Induce Osteosarcoma cells Apoptosis via Calcium release and Radical Oxygen Species

花椰菜卷心菜花椰菜等蔬菜可以杀死肿瘤干细胞 Cruciferous Vegetables Kill Cancer Stem Cells

警惕 食盐的15个致命副作用包括导致癌症

医生给患者“判死刑”合适吗  The Medical Death Sentence

缺氧是肿瘤的核心特征之一 缺氧导致免疫抑制 Hipoxia is one of the hallmarks of tumor and causes immune suppression

吃含糖食物令癌症患者死亡的风险增加两倍 Eating Sugar Doubles Risk of Death in Cancer Patients

切断癌细胞的葡萄糖供应 启动癌细胞的死亡之路-加州大学洛杉矶分校的研究发现 Starving Cancer Cells of Sugar Activating a Metabolic and Signaling Amplication Loop that lead to Cancer Cell Death, Study by UCLA

切断癌细胞的葡萄糖供应可能是将来癌症治疗的关键 Starving Cancer Cells of Sugar Could be the Key for Future Cancer Treatment

黑素瘤的葡萄糖成瘾为新的治疗--切断癌细胞的葡萄糖供应 Melanoma's Glucose Addiction Offers Hope for New Treatment-Deprivation of Glucose to Cancer Cells

营养素配方 可以杀死癌细胞和阻断转移 Kill Cancer Cells and Stop Cancer Spreading with Vitamin C Lysine Proline and Green Tea extract by Dr.Rath

维生素C对癌细胞的毒性作用主要是产生过氧化氢 癌细胞的抗性取决于癌细胞的过氧化氢酶活性 Natural resistance to ascorbic acid induced oxidative stress is mainly mediated by catalase activitiy in human cancer cells

爱荷华大学 使用药物剂量维生素C治疗胰腺癌 Treatment of Panceatic Cancer with Pharmaceutical Ascorbate

第二军医大学 维生素C优先杀伤肝癌的种子-癌干细胞 Vitamin C preferentially kills cancer stem cells in hepatocellular carcinoma via SVCT-2

维生素C+维生素K3组合诱导卵巢癌细胞自裂 Combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 Induce Ovarian Cancer Cells Autoschizis

维生素K3和维生素C单独或组合诱导白血病细胞凋亡 Vitamin K3 and Vitamin C alone or in Combination Induced Apoptosis in Leukemia Cells

在癌症治疗中 维生素C结合维生素K3效果更好 Vitamin C More Effective When Combined with Vitamin K3 in Cancer

维生素C杀灭肿瘤的种子-肿瘤干细胞生长方面的功效是常用药物的10倍 Vitamin C kills cancer stem cells, 10 times more more powerful than the common drug

维生素C对癌干细胞和糖酵解的靶向作用  Vitamin C: Targeting Metabolism and Glycolysis in Cancer Stem Cells

维生素C增强化疗药顺铂杀伤宫颈癌细胞的作用 Vitamin C in Synergism with Cisplatin Induces Cell Death in Cervical Cancer Cells through increasing H2O2 and p53 Upregulation

维生素C的抗癌作用优于化疗 Vitamin C is better than Chemotherapy by Thomas Levy

维生素C能杀死乳腺癌细胞 Vitamin C kills Breast Cancer

High concentrations of ascorbic acid, through H2O2, induces apoptosis of human gastric cancer cell

High concentrations of L-ascorbic acid induces apoptosis in a human cervical cancer line

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) induces apoptosis of B16 murine melanoma cells

绿茶中的茶多酚可以抑制肿瘤增殖 Green Tea can inhibit tumor proliferation and induce programmed necroptosis in liver cancer cells

杀死癌细胞 癌细胞的生命和死亡 The life and death of cancer cells

铁诱导肿瘤细胞凋亡 Iron Induces Death In Tumor cells

维生素C钠诱导神经母细胞瘤细胞自杀 Sodium ascorbate induces apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells

维生素C对直结肠癌细胞有选择性的毒性作用 Vitamin C is selective cytotoxic to colorectal cancer cells

静脉滴注抗坏血酸作为一种化学治疗药和生物反应调节剂 Intravenous Ascorbate as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifying Agent by Hugh Riodan

维生素C局部使用治疗基底细胞瘤 Topical Vitamin C Stops Basal Cell carcinoma

中国农业大学 维生素B2增强维生素C对癌细胞的杀灭作用 Vitamin B2 Sensitizes cancer cells to Vitamin-C-Induced cell death

Cornell 大学:维生素C对直结肠癌细胞有选择性的毒性作用 Vitamin C is selective cytotoxic to colorectal cancer cells

纽约大学 维生素C可以阻止白血病的发展 New York University: Vitamin C may stop leukemia from progressing

中国药科大学研究发现 生姜可以杀死白血病细胞 Ginger Kills Leukemia Cells Found by China Pharmaceutical University

生姜能诱导前列腺癌细胞自杀 Ginger Selectively kill Prostate Cancer Cells Study by Georgia State Univ

生姜可以杀死卵巢癌细胞 Ginger Kills Ovarian Cancer Cells found by Michigan University

生姜可以选择性杀灭乳腺癌细胞 Ginger Selectrively Kills Breast Cancer Cells

生姜可以杀死皮肤癌细胞 Ginger Kill Skin Cancer Cells by Inducing ROS Induced Suicide

生姜有对抗肺癌的作用 Ginger Exhibits Anti-lung Cancer Properties

生姜有抑制肝脏癌变的作用-马来西亚国立大学 研究发现 Chemopreventive Efficay of Ginger in Ethionnine Induced Rat Hepatocarcinogenesis

生姜对化学致癌物导致的肝细胞癌变有保护作用 Ginger Protect Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by Poisonous Chemical

The Cure For Cancer Theory History and Treatment By Owen Fonorow

癌细胞绝顶聪明 化疗耐药几乎是必然的 Cancerous Cells are Inconceivably Smart, Resistance to Chemo is Unavoidable.

癌细胞异常聪明 需要同时限制糖和肉类的摄取 Cancer Cells are Extremely Smart, Resistant to toxious Cisplatin, implied Ketogenic Diet is neccessary for Cancer Patients

顺铂的化疗原理 The Mechanisms of Cisplatin Chemotherapy

椰子油在体外实验杀死了93%的结肠癌细胞 Coconut Oil Killed 93% Colon Cancer Cells in 48h

蔬果中的槲皮素有抗癌作用 Quercetin's Anti-Cancer Properties

新加坡UMass 大学:光敏剂加纳米红外颗粒杀死深层恶性肿瘤 Tuning light to kill deep cancer tumor

赖斯博士(诺贝尔奖获得者鲍林的同事和跟随者):营养素可以控制癌症转移 DR.Matthias Rath Natural Eradication of Cancer

华盛顿大学发现的新证据 糖滋养癌细胞 Proofs: Sugar Feeds Cancer

高压氧增强青蒿素的抗癌效果 Oxygen enhances artemisinin's cancer killing capacity

华盛顿大学 青蒿素选择性杀死癌细胞 University of Washington: Artemesia Kills Cancer

华盛顿大学 青蒿素癌加高压氧 对癌细胞的选择性是化疗药的100倍 The Newest Caancer Fighter Revealed

乳腺癌疫苗 早期结果的结果让人兴奋 Breast Cancer Vaccine: Promising Early Results

华盛顿大学医学院 疫苗可能使与癌症的战争个人化 Vaccines may make war on cancer personal

华人科学家发现肿瘤疫苗加低剂量化疗治疗胰腺癌的新方法 Pancreatic tumors reprogrammed by new vaccine

卵巢癌 有效的免疫疗法正在接近 Ovarian Cancer: Effective immunotherapy steps closer with new T cell study

英国癌症研究所的突破 药物联用在11天根除了乳腺癌 Drug combo eradicated breast cancer in 11 days

低剂量的阿司匹林可以降低五分之一的乳腺癌风险 Low-dose aspirin may cut breast cancer risk by a fifth

纽约市纪念斯隆凯特琳癌症中心:纳米粒子唤醒免疫细胞对抗癌症 Nanoparticles awaken immune cells to fight cancer

纽约法布罗大学 纳米粒子在磁场中加热以杀死癌细胞 Nanoparticles heat up in magnetic field to kill cancer tumors

康奈尔大学 超细纳米颗粒以不同寻常的方式杀死癌细胞 Cornell University: Ultrasmall nanoparticles kill cancer in unusual way

罗格斯大学 癌症突破 用于检测微小肿瘤的纳米微针 Rutgers University Cancer breakthrough Nanoprobes used to detect micro tumors

英国萨里大学和中国大连理工大学:智能纳米颗粒可以被加热到足以杀死癌细胞Self-regulating nanoparticles can be made just hot enough to kill cancer

康奈尔大学Cornell University 超细纳米颗粒诱导营养缺失的癌细胞发生铁死亡抑制肿瘤的生长 Ultrasmall nanoparticles induce ferroptosis in nutrient-deprived cancer cells and suppress tumor growth

爱荷华大学 使用纳米颗粒来靶向 杀死子宫内膜癌 Researcher use nanoparticles to target, kill cancer

爆炸的纳米气泡可以杀死癌细胞 Exploding nanobubbles can kill cancer cells

为什么生酮饮食可能有助于对抗糖尿病和癌症 Why the ketogenic diet may help fight diabetes, cancer

加拿大McMaster 大学 用糖尿病药物修复骨髓红细胞造血功能 杀死白血病细胞 Leukemia: Cancer cells killed off with diabetes drug

癌细胞会因为你喝苦瓜汁而讨厌你 原因如下 Cancer cells will Have You for drinking bitter melon juice and here's Why

科罗拉多大学 苦瓜汁激活细胞能量传感器AMPK 导致人胰腺癌细胞 Bitter melon juice activates cellular energy sensor AMPK causing suicide in pancreatic cancer cells

西安交通大学 人参靶向低氧诱导因子 阻断卵巢癌转移 Ginseng Block HIF-1 alpha induced metastasis in Ovarian Cancer Cells

吉林大学人参抗癌有科学依据 用人参消除癌症 Root out Cancer with Ginseng

人参可以杀死癌细胞吗 Can Ginseng Kill Tumors

韩国仁川大学:人参抑制癌细胞扩散的机理是阻断缺氧诱导因子的链式反应 Korean red ginseng inhibits colon cancer from spreading

维生素K具有显著的抗癌作用 The Remarkable Anticancer Properties of Vitamin K

维生素K2治疗肝癌和前列腺癌 Vitamin K for liver and Prostate Cancer: Improving Survival Rates

你知道甜菜汁是治疗白血病和其他癌症的一种非常有效的方法 Beets as A Leukemia Natural Treatment

著名作家用红萝卜汁治愈了她的晚期结肠癌和肺癌 Reknown Writer cure her stage 4 colon cancer and lung cancer with carrot juice

他用非化疗方式治愈了自己的白血病 David refused chemo and healed leukemia naturally

Earnie用红萝卜汁和维生素治愈了自己的白血病和脑癌 Earnie healed leukemia and brain cancer with veggies & vitamins

用这个癌症治疗果汁配方 治疗癌症白血病和其他不可治愈的疾病 Complete treatment of cancer leukemia and other incurable diseases with this juice recipe

这种饮食确实使癌细胞挨饿 并治愈了45,000多名癌症患者 This Diet Starves Cancer Cells and Cured over 45,000 Cancer Patients

匹兹堡大学 欧米茄-3脂肪酸抑制肝癌细胞的生长 University of Pittsburgh Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit growth of liver cancer cells

麦草是治愈癌症的动力站的3个原因 3 reasons why why wheatgrass is a cancer-healing powerhouse

莱纳斯鲍林研究所 叶绿素能够阻止致癌物如黄曲霉素的吸收 Chlorophyll can help treat cancer by blocking fugus-derived chemicals

叶绿素的6大好处和疗愈力量 6 Chlorophyll Benefits and healing powers

俄勒冈大学 叶绿素和叶绿酸有效地限制了黄曲霉毒素在人体中的吸收 Chorophyll and chlorophyllin block aflatoxin absorption

小麦芽提取液诱导癌细胞自杀 Wheat sprout extract induced apoptosis in human cancer cells

麦草汁对晚期癌症患者的辅助治疗作用——印度三级癌症中心的经验 Effect of wheatgrass juice in supportive care of terminal ill cancer patients

黄芪 无名的抗癌斗士 Astragalus the unsung cancer fighter

纽约癌症治疗中心 黄芪的药理作用和应用研究 Astragalus Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

黄芪 一种抗癌抗衰老抗氧化抗糖尿病的仙草 Astragalus Herb that stop ageing decompose cancer repair DNA and fight diabetes

黄芪皂苷诱导结肠癌细胞和移植瘤生长停滞和自杀 Astragalus (Huangqi) saponins induce growth inhibition and apoptosis in human colon cancer cells and tumor xenograft

黄芪皂苷可抑制胃癌细胞的增殖、侵袭和凋亡  Astragalus saponins affect proliferation,invasion and apoptosis of gastric cancer cells

美味的木瓜可以抗癌抗炎和治疗消化不良 Papaya is tasty way to fight cancer, inflammation and poor digestion

佛罗里达大学 木瓜提取物在实验室测试中抑制癌细胞的生长 Papay extract thwarts growth of cancer in lab tests

加拿大滑铁卢大学科学家 发现牛油果可以杀死急性白血病细胞 Scientists Find Avocados Kill AML Leukemia Cells

加拿大滑铁卢大学 最有争议的抗癌战士:牛油果 The Most Controversial Cancer Fighter: Avocado

西班牙CORDOBA大学 通过抑制Wnt/β-Catenin信号 镁有抑制和逆转血管钙化以及抗癌作用(附 相关研究)Magnesium Inhibits and reverse blood vessel calcification and inhibits cancer thru Wnt/beta-catenin signally pathway

WNT/ beta-catenin 通路信号在大多数实体肿瘤中被激活 Wnt/beta-catenin pathway signalling activated in most solid tumors

阻止使用吗啡 它加速肿瘤的生长 Stop Morphine, It Accelerate the Growth of Cancer

一项新的研究表明 鸦片类止痛药加速肿瘤细胞的生长 Opiate-based painkillers can increases tumor cells proliferation

阿片类药物对胃肠道功能的作用-抑制消化腺分泌 导致便秘 Action of opiates on gastroinstestinal function-reduces grand secretions causes constipation

抗癌的柠檬草 柠檬草汁的8种好处 Lemongrass Causes Cancer Cells to Commit Suicide, 8 Benefits of Lemongrass Juice

科学家意外发现 绿茶可以杀死癌细胞 Green tea kills cancer cells, Scientists aaccidentally discover

研究 欧芹可以杀死86%的肺癌细胞 Study: Pasley can kill 86% of lung cancer cells

中山大学:烟酰胺诱导宫颈癌细胞自杀 Nicotiaminde induces apoptosis in human cervical cancer Hela Cells

烟酰胺抑制慢性淋巴性白血病的癌细胞增殖并诱导其自杀 Nicotiamide block proliferation and induces apoptosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells


鼻咽癌组织缺氧诱导因子的表达影响患者的预后 Expression of HIF-alpha and CAIX in nasopharngeal carcinoma and their correlation with patient's prognosis

哈佛大学,霍金斯大学和加州大学研究:缺氧加速肿瘤生长和扩散 Oxygen deprivation can propel tumor growth and spread

来自博德特氏菌的胆固醇氧化酶通过胆固醇氧化促进肺腺癌中不可逆的细胞凋亡 Cholesterol oxidase promotes apoptosis in lung cancer by cholesterol oxidation

过氧化氢诱导人类牙龈成纤维细胞凋亡 Hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis in human gingival fibroblasts

光敏素(Photofrin)介导的光动力疗法治疗早期喉部恶性肿瘤 Photofrin-mediated photodynamic therapy for treatment of eary stage laryngeal malignancies

非结合胆红素诱导结肠癌细胞凋亡 Unconjugated bilirubin induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells

Human tumor cells generate reactive oxygen species

The marine cytotoxin portimine is a potent and selective inducer of apoptosis



丁酸钠诱导结直肠癌和前列腺癌细胞自杀 抑制增殖 Sodium butyrate induces growth inhibition and apoptosis in human colorectal cancer and prostate cancer cells

β-葡聚糖 科学家知道抗癌抗肿瘤作用已超过三十年 中药茯苓干重的70%是beta葡聚糖

Orally Administered Particulate beta-Glucan modulates tumor-capturing dentritic cells and improves antitumor T-cells reponse in cancer





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