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pH = Voltage 酸碱度=电压

器官、组织和细胞的衰老改变 Aging changes in organs,tissues and cells

衰老的统一理论-一氧化氮 The Unified Theory of Aging-Nitric Oxide

衰老的干细胞理论-衰老对干细胞的影响 Effect of Aging on Stem Cells- Stem Cell Theory of Aging

衰老的消化理论 The Disgestive Theory of Aging

增加胃酸改善消化不良的简易方法 How to Increase Stomach Acid at Home

慢性胃炎伴胃粘膜肠上皮化生可以逆转 Is instestinal metaplasia of the stomach reversible?

研究发现 高血糖不仅与糖尿病有关,也与老年痴呆症有关 High blood sugar, not just diabetes, linked to dementia risk, study finds

生物学家通过增加AMPK基因来延缓衰老过程 Biologists delay the aging process by increasing AMPK gene

科学家发现抗衰老神药 NAD+ and Vitamin B3 From Metabol

5种自然增加一氧化氮的方法: 蔬菜、抗氧化剂、精氨酸 运动和少用漱口水 5 Ways to Increase Nitric Oxide Naturally

Endothelial Cell–Specific Liver Kinase B1 Deletion Causes Endothelial Dysfunction and Hypertention in Mice in Vivo

A New Route to Health Extending Life Requires NAD Synthesis

维生素B-3 盐酸和烟酰胺 Abram Hoffer MD Vitamin B3 Niacin and Its Amide

维生素B3 和精神分裂症 Abram Hoffer MD Vitamin B3 and Schizophrenia

烟酸 冠心病和长寿 Abram Hoffer MD Niacin Coronary Disease and Longivity

忘掉永生吧 我们最多能活125岁 Forget about immortality we can live a max lifespan of 125

爱因斯坦学院的研究人员得出结论 125岁是人类的极限寿命 Maximum human lifespan is 125 years old, Einstein Researchers Conclude

维生素P的保健作用 Vitamin P Benefits and Functions

神秘维他命P的神奇功效 The amazing benefits of the mysterious vitamin P

维生素P-植物类黄酮的健康益处 大自然最古老的治疗师 The benefits of bioflavonoids Natures oldest healers

芦丁(Rutin)通过激AMPK 增加肌肉中的线粒体生物合成 Rutin increases muscle mitochondria biogenesis with AMPK activation in high-fat diet induced obese rats

第四军医大学研究发现 单一类黄酮(在6中食物中发现)能显著降低认知障碍 Single flavonoid found in 6 foods reduces cognitive impairment drastically

开启主代谢开关和长寿基因的方法 力量训练 A new way to turn on the master metabolic switch and long lifespan gene AMPK:Resistance exercise

短暂的运动也能激活长寿基因AMPK Even brief bounts of exercise activate AMPK the long lifespan gene

短暂的高强度间歇运动激活AMPK和p38 MAPK信号 并增加人类骨骼肌中PCC-1的表达 Brief intense interval exercise activates AMPK and p38 MARK signalling and increase the expression ofPGC-1 in human skeletal muscle

辅酶Q10 长寿的因素 CoQ10: The Longivity Factor

荷兰莱顿大学 骨髓细胞改善心脏功能 Bone Marrow Cells Improve Heart Function

反酸的真正原因 不是胃酸过多,而是胃酸过少 The True Cause of Acid Reflux: Acid deficiency

维生素C和赖氨酸 二种保持肌肤靓丽的营养素 Vitamin C and Lysine the two nutrient essential for beautiful skin


在2型糖尿病患者中 高膳食高级糖基化终产物摄取与动脉硬化和炎症有关 High intake of dietary AGEs is associated with increased arterial stiffness and inflammation in diabetics

松花粉在人二倍体成纤维细胞和D 半乳糖诱导的小鼠模型中的抗衰老作用 Antiaging Effect of Pine Pollen in Human Diploid Fibroblasts and in a Mouse Model Induced by D-Galactose

使用赖氨治疗带状疱疹 Using Lysine Against Shingles

AXE博士 赖氨酸有抗癌作用 Dr.Axe Lysine may help in the Treatment of Cancer

赖氨酸治疗单纯疱疹的多因素研究 A multicentered study of lysine therapy in Heapes simplex infection

当你停止吃肉的时候 会发生8件令人惊奇的事情 8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

骨头汤的核心营养价值在骨胶原蛋白 The Core Nutritional Value of Bone Broth Is The Gelatin

碘是身体必需的一种天然的药物 Iodine A Natural Medicine  系列 1

碘是身体必需的一种天然的药物 系列2

The Hoxsey Therapy Legend

喝电解碱性离子水会被胃酸中和 不能改变身体的酸碱度吗



小麦草的抗病毒作用 Wheatgrass against virus

最健康的饮食方式 再生饮食The Healthiest Dieting:Biogenic Diets

菠萝汁的9大好处 The 9 Best Pineapple Juice Benefits

Telomeres: Major Discovery Reveals the Secret to Dramatically Slowing Aging

肺结核 Tuberculosis

哥伦比亚大学 首次观察到饱和脂肪和不饱和脂肪如何影响细胞膜的流动性 Observations of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids behavior could impact public health

加州大学圣地亚哥分校揭秘 为什么饱和脂肪损害健康 UCSD Exposed: The Reason Saturated Fats Are So Damaging to Health

加州大学圣地亚哥分校揭秘 饱和脂肪使细胞窒息 细胞膜变形性降低的机理


体内铁代谢和铁过量(铁过载)的健康危害 Body iron metabolism and harmful effects of iron overload

Influence of increased membrane cholesterol on membrane fluidity and cell function in human red blood cells

Cell Membrane Fluidity vs Flexibility

叶绿素-滋养人和动物的生命 Chlorophyll-Supporter of all human and animal life

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) activity against UV light-induced photo damage in erythrocytes and serum albmin

Iron supplements the quick fix with long-term consequences

Reactive Oxygen Species

Benefits of Lactoferrin in Bovine Colostrum

DHA and Our Brains

DHA Supports Brain Development and Protects Neurological Function

DHA and Our Brains


Docosahexaenoic Acid(DHA): An Ancent Nutrient for the Modern Human Brain

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is essential and critical for brain development and maintenance

Diet and Human Brain Evolution

DHA Serves Vital Role in Mitochondria

杜克大学:一种新的肠内分泌细胞类型介导肠道和大脑如何交换来自营养素 A new enteroendocrine cell type mediates how gut and brain exchange signals from nutrients

Revised Estimates for the Number of Human and Bacteria Cells in the Body

Probiotic Enemas: Fact or Fiction?

一切都在代码中,蛋白质生产效率可以通过基因序列预测 It's all in the code: Protein production efficiency can be predicted by gene sequence





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