癌症是一种代谢性疾病 Warburg was Correct, Cancer is a Metabolic Disease

图示肿瘤的种子-肿瘤干细胞的特征 Features of Cancer Stem Cells

肿瘤产生的乳酸保护自己 抑制免疫细胞 Tumor-ProducedLactic Acid Protect Itself while inhibitting Immune Cells

癌症的原因:癌细胞的糖发酵代替正常细胞的氧呼吸 The Causes of Cancer: Respiration of Oxygen in Normal Body Cells vs Fermentation of Sugar in Cancer Cells by Otto Warburg

山东大学用纳米光敏剂加近红外线照射结合的光动力疗法成功清除肿瘤体 A Near-Infrared triggered nanophotosensitizer inducing Domino Effect on mitochondrial ROS Burst for Cancer Therapy

用热疗快速杀死癌细胞减轻疼痛 Killing Cancer Cells & Diminishing Pain Quickly with Heat

花椰菜卷心菜花椰菜等蔬菜可以杀死肿瘤干细胞 Cruciferous Vegetables Kill Cancer Stem Cells

警惕 食盐的15个致命副作用包括导致癌症

医生给患者“判死刑”合适吗  The Medical Death Sentence

缺氧是肿瘤的核心特征之一 缺氧导致免疫抑制 Hipoxia is one of the hallmarks of tumor and causes immune suppression

吃含糖食物令癌症患者死亡的风险增加两倍 Eating Sugar Doubles Risk of Death in Cancer Patients

切断癌细胞的葡萄糖供应 启动癌细胞的死亡之路-加州大学洛杉矶分校的研究发现 Starving Cancer Cells of Sugar Activating a Metabolic and Signaling Amplication Loop that lead to Cancer Cell Death, Study by UCLA

切断癌细胞的葡萄糖供应可能是将来癌症治疗的关键 Starving Cancer Cells of Sugar Could be the Key for Future Cancer Treatment

黑素瘤的葡萄糖成瘾为新的治疗--切断癌细胞的葡萄糖供应 Melanoma's Glucose Addiction Offers Hope for New Treatment-Deprivation of Glucose to Cancer Cells

营养素配方 可以杀死癌细胞和阻断转移 Kill Cancer Cells and Stop Cancer Spreading with Vitamin C Lysine Proline and Green Tea extract by Dr.Rath

维生素C+维生素K3组合诱导卵巢癌细胞自裂 Combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 Induce Ovarian Cancer Cells Autoschizis

维生素K3和维生素C单独或组合诱导白血病细胞凋亡 Vitamin K3 and Vitamin C alone or in Combination Induced Apoptosis in Leukemia Cells

在癌症治疗中 维生素C结合维生素K3效果更好 Vitamin C More Effective When Combined with Vitamin K3 in Cancer

维生素C杀死癌干细胞的效力是常规药物的10倍 Vitamin C can be used to target and kill cancer stem cells

维生素C对癌干细胞和糖酵解的靶向作用  Vitamin C: Targeting Metabolism and Glycolysis in Cancer Stem Cells

维生素C增强化疗药顺铂杀伤宫颈癌细胞的作用 Vitamin C in Synergism with Cisplatin Induces Cell Death in Cervical Cancer Cells through increasing H2O2 and p53 Upregulation

绿茶中的茶多酚可以抑制肿瘤增殖 Green Tea can inhibit tumor proliferation and induce programmed necroptosis in liver cancer cells

辅酶Q10 的故事,不仅保护心脏,还可以抗癌 The Story of CoQ10, not only Protect the Heart but Also Fight against Cancer

热疗可以诱导癌细胞自杀 Hyperthermia Can Induce Cancer Cells Suicide by increasing intracellular Calcium Concentration

热疗诱导骨肉瘤细胞死亡 Hyperthermia Induce Osteosarcoma cells Apoptosis via Calcium release and Radical Oxygen Species

杀死癌细胞 癌细胞的生命和死亡 The life and death of cancer cells

铁诱导肿瘤细胞凋亡 Iron Induces Death In Tumor cells

抗坏血酸钠通过干扰铁吸收诱导神经母细胞瘤细胞凋亡 Sodium ascorbate induces apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells

维生素C对直结肠癌细胞有选择性的毒性作用 Vitamin C is selective cytotoxic to colorectal cancer cells

静脉滴注抗坏血酸作为一种化学治疗药和生物反应调节剂 Intravenous Ascorbate as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifying Agent by Hugh Riodan

维生素C局部使用治疗基底细胞瘤 Topical Vitamin C Stops Basal Cell carcinoma

椰子油可杀死癌细胞 Coconut oil kills cancer cells.pdf

中国药科大学研究发现 生姜可以杀死白血病细胞 Ginger Kills Leukemia Cells Found by China Pharmaceutical University

生姜能诱导前列腺癌细胞自杀 Ginger Selectively kill Prostate Cancer Cells Study by Georgia State Univ

生姜可以杀死卵巢癌细胞 Ginger Kills Ovarian Cancer Cells found by Michigan University

生姜可以选择性杀灭乳腺癌细胞 Ginger Selectrively Kills Breast Cancer Cells

生姜可以杀死皮肤癌细胞 Ginger Kill Skin Cancer Cells by Inducing ROS Induced Suicide

生姜有对抗肺癌的作用 Ginger Exhibits Anti-lung Cancer Properties

生姜有抑制肝脏癌变的作用-马来西亚国立大学 研究发现 Chemopreventive Efficay of Ginger in Ethionnine Induced Rat Hepatocarcinogenesis

生姜对化学致癌物导致的肝细胞癌变有保护作用 Ginger Protect Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by Poisonous Chemical

维生素C对直结肠癌细胞有选择性的毒性作用 Vitamin C is selective cytotoxic to colorectal cancer cells

The Cure For Cancer Theory History and Treatment By Owen Fonorow

癌细胞绝顶聪明 化疗耐药几乎是必然的 Cancerous Cells are Inconceivably Smart, Resistance to Chemo is Unavoidable.

癌细胞异常聪明 需要同时限制糖和肉类的摄取 Cancer Cells are Extremely Smart, Resistant to toxious Cisplatin, implied Ketogenic Diet is neccessary for Cancer Patients

顺铂的化疗原理 The Mechanisms of Cisplatin Chemotherapy

椰子油在体外实验杀死了93%的结肠癌细胞 Coconut Oil Killed 93% Colon Cancer Cells in 48h




逆转糖尿病-骑健身车 Reverse Diabetes by Cycling.pdf

逆转糖尿病-力量锻炼 Reverse Diabetes by Strength Training.pdf

逆转糖尿病-运动中的肌肉可以摄取葡萄糖 Reverse Diabetes - Contracting Muscles Have Insulin like Effect.pdf

逆转糖尿病-糖尿病的原因 Reverse Diabetes - The Causes are the Cures.pdf

逆转糖尿病-血糖高低波动的原因 Reverse Diabetes - The Causes of Swinging Blood Sugar Level.pdf

逆转糖尿病 高血糖的危害 Reverse Diabetes - Dangers of High Blood Sugar.pdf

逆转糖尿病-鸡蛋 Reverse Diabesity-Egg.pdf

健康减重饮食指引 Dieting Guide for Health Weight Loss.pdf

糖可以摧毁你的健康的76种方式 76 ways sugar can ruin your health

糖会抑制你的免疫系统  Sugar Weaken Your Immune System

葡萄糖和维生素C之间的关系在健康中扮演着重要的角色 The Relationship between Glucose and Vitamin C Plays Important Role in Health

每天至少1克维生素C 降低糖尿病风险62%

绿茶加运动有效对抗肥胖糖尿病和脂肪肝 Combination of Green Tea and Exercise Works Great for Obesity,Diabetes and Fatty Liver

生姜是天然的血液稀释剂 Ginger is a natural blood thinner


拉单双杠 脊柱减压 治愈我的腰椎间盘突出 Spinal Decompression Cures My Prolapsed Disc in One Month

喝电解碱性离子水会被胃酸中和 不能改变身体的酸碱度吗

OMEGA-3脂肪酸 通过增加肌肉的血氧供应 提高运动成绩


Quantum Water Vitalizer.pdf

痛风自然疗法 Gout Natural Remedies.pdf

水是生命健康的基础water is life.pdf

骨关节炎自然疗法 Osteoarthritis and natural Therapies.pdf

骨骼健康和骨质疏松症的自然疗法 Bone Health and Natural Cures for Osteoporosis.pdf

怎样预防深静脉血栓 [Prevention of Deep venous Thrombosis- How Blood Flows back to the Heart.pdf


肿瘤干细胞的特征 Features of Cancer Stem Cells

幽门螺旋杆菌毒性因子 H.pylori virulent factors.jpg


癌症是一种代谢性疾病的依据 The proof of cancer as a metabolic disease.jpg

呼吸功能不全是癌症和“Warburg效应”的起源 Respiratory deficiency is the origin of cancer and Warburg Effect (1).jpg

呼吸功能不全是癌症和“Warburg效应”的起源 Respiratory deficiency is the origin of cancer and Warburg Effect (2).jpg

乳酸对肿瘤微环境的影响 Impact of lactate on tumor microenvironment.jpg

NaHCO3 increase tumor pH and inhibits spreading.jpg

cell environment is a decisive factor in cancer development 2.jpg

immune cells are crippled by acidic cancer microenvironment.jpg

Harvard University study Starving Cancer to Death by Removing Glucose.jpg

哈佛大学肿瘤小鼠实验发现 血糖越低 存活率越高 70天后生存率 33% 对比 95%.jpg

why sugar is disease inviting.jpg

how cola kills your kidneys.jpg

running help mice slow cancer growth.jpg

the truth about cancer 1.jpg



健康卫士 维生素C--一种必须的营养素维生素抗氧化剂和促氧化剂解毒抗过敏抗病毒抗癌


维生素C增强免疫系统的20种方式 20 Ways Vitamin C to Boost Your Immune System

维生素C能够治疗尿路感染 Vitamin C To Reduce Urinary Tract Infection

维生素C有助预防白内障 Vitamin C Help Prevent Cataracts

维生素C的发现和历史和它的食物来源 The Discovery and History of Vitamin C and Its Sources in Plants and Meats

使用维生素C近50年的临床观察 Observations on use of massive vitamin C by Frederick R Klenner M.D.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pioneering Work of Frederick R.Klenner M.D.

Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, the Clinical Experiences of Frederick R.Klenner,M.D by Lendon H.Smith,M.D.

The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Disease with Vitamin C by Fred.R.Klenner.M.D.

Vitamin C cures varied virus dis

医生诊断的过程中应该给病人维生素C Vitamin C should be given to the patient while the doctors ponder the diagnosis by Fred.R.Klenner M.D.

使用维生素C治疗病毒性肺炎 Virus Pneumonia and Its Treatment With Vitamin C Fred R. Klenner, M.D.  1948

医生诊断的过程中应该给病人维生素C Vitamin C should be given to the patient while the doctors ponder the diagnosis by Fred.R.Klenner M.D.

维生素C可以治愈各种病毒性疾病 Vitamin C cures varied virus disease by Fred.R.Klenner.M.D.

抗坏血酸在哺乳动物和灵长类动物进化的自然史和它对现代人的意义 The Natural History of Ascorbic Acid in the Evolution of the Mammas and Primates and Its Significant for Present Day Man by Irwin Stone

抗坏血酸缺乏症是一种遗传性疾病 The Genetic Disease Hypoascorbemia by Irwin Stone

关于坏血病的遗传病因学 On the Genetic Etiology of Scurvy by Irwin Stone

坏血病的遗传学和癌症问题 The Genetics of Scurvy and the Cancer Problem by Irwin Stone

维生素C和过敏治疗  Vitamin C and Allergy Treatment by Robert Cathcart M.D.

维生素C的第三幅面孔 The Third Face of Vitamin C by Robert Cathcart M.D.

维生素C 一种无毒无限制性的抗氧化自由基清除剂 Vitamin C The Nontoxic Nonrate limited Antioxidant Free Radical Scavenger by Robert Cathcart M.D.

维生素C 滴定到肠耐受极限 Vitamin C Titrating to Tolerance by Robert Cathcart M.D.

Why Vitamin C is a Threat to Medical/Pharma Cartel

维生素C钠 (抗坏血酸钠)Sodium ascorbate

维生素C 电子 毒素和疾病 Vitamin C: Electrons Toxins and Disease

维生素C钠的物质安全数据 Safety (MSDS) data for sodium ascorbate

维生素C的服用量和服用方法 by Vitamin C Foundation

已经知道维生素C治愈30多个重大疾病50多年了 by Andrew W.Saul

两届诺贝尔奖获得者 莱纳斯.鲍林传记 Two Time Noble Prize Laurate Linus Pauling Biography

莱纳斯.鲍林博士 最后的采访 Last Interview with Noble Prize Laureate Linus Pauling

Dr Rath 细胞健康系列 动脉粥样硬化 心肌梗塞和中风 Cellular Medicine series Anthrosclerosis Heart Attack and Stroke

Linus Pauling Dr Rath 人类心血管疾病的统一理论 Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease


正分子医学联合创始人ABRAM HOFFER 自传 Autobiography of Abram Hoffer MD

维生素B-3 盐酸和烟酰胺 Abram Hoffer MD Vitamin B3 Niacin and Its Amide

维生素B3 和精神分裂症 Abram Hoffer MD Vitamin B3 and Schizophrenia

烟酸 冠心病和长寿 Abram Hoffer MD Niacin Coronary Disease and Longivity



肺是重要的造血器官-可以解释运动对慢性疾病的神奇治疗效果 Surprising New Role for the Lungs: Making Blood






The Hoxsey Therapy Legend

关于维生素D和晒太阳 你可能永远不知道的15个事实 Fifteen facts you probably never knew about Vitamin D and Sunlight Exposure

新的研究显示 维生素D可降低患癌风险77% New research shows vitamin D slashes risk of cancer by 77%

饮食的脂肪影响关节软骨的健康-关节软骨损伤越严重 The association of lipid abnormalities in osteoathritic joints

骨关节炎患者的骨骼中欧米茄-6脂肪酸沉积越多 关节软骨破坏越严重 High Levels of Omega 6 Fatty Acids Found in Cartilage in Osteoathritis Patients Worsens Joint Breakdown

骑自行车可以预防和治疗关节炎-英国一家医院把骑自行车作为治疗关节 Regular Cycliing Can Ward off Arthritis and Reduce its Effects, Says Hospital Consultant and Orthopaedic Surgeon






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