Uncovering the Secrets of Magical Healing Power of Sunlight:Implications from the findings by Dr.Arturo Solis Herera



Human Photosynthesis a conceptual revolution of biblical proportions  http://yhst-32544670908957.stores.yahoo.net/

The Center for the Study of Human Photosynthesis, was founded as a result of our discovery of the amazing ability of the human body to transform the visible and invisible light energy into chemical free energy through dissociation and re-formed from the water molecule , which forms a chemical cycle that first part is almost identical to the first reaction that occurs in the leaves of plants, where the chlorophyll in the presence of the ends of the visible light (purple and red) dissociates the molecule water generating hydrogen and oxygen diatomic, ie liquid water transforms the gaseous components, which is a reaction in the laboratory requires much energy as is necessary to raise the temperature of water to two thousand degrees Celsius, and leaf ground and we took him out at room temperature. It is a very profound message of nature that the first reaction in the plant life and the life of man is practically the same: the dissociation of the water molecule.


Then we have the translation of a triptych about the benefits associated with medical intensification of chemical reaction that initially found in the human retina and then identify it in each and every cell in the human body.


We are a serious organization that since 1990 until now, has been studying systematically the three main causes of blindness:age-related macular disease, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma with the main aim to develop new therapeutic approaches.


With the basis of these studies, we found out that human retina, as well as every cell of our body (eukaryotic cell), has the amazing capability of taking energy directly from water like vegetables do. This energy comprises 99% of the whole amount that our body needs everyday. The other 1% comes from food.


It was overwhelming when we realized that photosynthesis occurs in animals too as in vegetables. In other words, we learned that MELANIN IS TO THE ANIMAL KINGDOM LIKE CHLOROPHYLL IS TO THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM.


This astonishing capacity is begin to lose at 26 years old, already 10 % each decade; until fifties, where human photosynthesis goes into free fall.


Human Photosynthesis is like an egg-shell that covered all our body, and any chemical, physical or even mental process that could touch our envelopment will make a change in our capacity of water dissociation; therefore our cells, tissues, organs and/or systems and eventually will have some kind of disease.