Are You Stressing Your Hormones?
by Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP

Creating health during menopause is every womaní»s goal. We are led to believe estrogení¬or lack of ití¬is the cause of menopause symptoms. In this article, I want to clarify that this is not the primary hormone produced by the ovaries. Ovaries also produce androgens, such as DHEA and testosterone, as well as progesterone. Total well being depends on adequate levels of these hormones.

Organs and body sites other than just ovaries, produce androgenic hormones. These include adrenal glands, the skin, muscles, brain, pineal gland, hair follicles, and body fat. As the hormone production decreases in the ovaries, the production of androgenic hormones increases from these other sources. Ití»s clear, healthy women are well equipped to handle hormone changes, not requiring hormone replacement. Approximately 15% of women are symptom free.

If you approach menopause in a state of emotional and nutritional depletion that has affected optional adrenal function, you will need hormonal, nutritional, emotional, and other support during the menopause transition until your endocrine balance is restored.

Symptoms of Adrenal Stress

Are you experiencing menopause symptoms? If so, your underlying problem may be adrenal stress. The most common symptoms of adrenal stress are:

Factors in Creating Adrenal Stress

When your body is stressed at sustained high levels, the over production of the hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenals, gradually tears your body down. It destroys healthy muscle and bone; slows down healing and normal cell replacement; co-opts biochemicals needed to make other vital hormones; impairs digestion, metabolism and mental function; interferes with healthy endocrine function; and weakens your immune system.

Common causes of adrenal stress include:

Restoring Adrenal Health

It's important to emphasize the role of emotional factors. Guilt, pain from past hurts, self-destructive habits, unresolved relationship problemsí¬your past and present emotional experience may serve as an ever-present stressor. Dealing with these problems directly is much more beneficial than trying to compensate for the stress they create.

Conventional medicineí»s focus on drugs tends to suppress early-stage symptoms rather than treat their underlying causes. This can have the effect of delaying treatment until a disease state has developed.

You can restore your adrenal health by the following actions:

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